Happy 10,000 views!

Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening friends,

I woke up to a bright, languid, pleasant morning.

I woke up to three beautiful things.

A sonorously breathing, fast-asleep husband with calm and serenity writ large over his face.


Just kidding MR H!
Just kidding MR H!


A tiny hand with razor- sharp nails trying to abrade away my face and pulling out my hair strand by strand…





And this on my iPad…





The first two are quotidian (remarkable nonetheless), but the third made me rub my tired eyes and sit up.

Who would have thought. A virtual abode, letters to my friends, a selective account of my life in distant  lands, it started off as something along those lines….

Thought it might fade away in a few days, or wither away amidst the daily routines.

Thought a few people might read, possibly a dozen or so family and friends.

Definitely did not expect this.

This is not my vocation, my job or even a hobby. Yet, I chug away on my keyboard every night, for God knows what reason.

But 10,000 odd views in less than three months?

I  didn’t expect that. It might be a small number (for the pro- bloggers), but it is beyond surprising for someone who thought a 1000 views in 6 months would be great!

I thought I’d share this with the few but precious readers of this hopefully unpretentious and close-to-heart blog.

Thank you folks.

Have a lovely weekend y’all!

Till next time…

Dr J.

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