Ma Wednesday! A little bib story…

Once upon a time, in far off desert land; there lived a little princess named Zoe. Lil’ Princess Zoe loved to explore her world with her hands and mouth. The more things she put in her mouth, the more she drooled. She wet all her lovely dresses and caused distress to her Mama, Queen J.

One fine day, when Lil’ Princess Zoe was three months old, Mama J bought her a pretty little bib. A bib that would soak up all the dribble and keep the Princess dry and jolly.

Mama J too was merry, as the palace’s laundry was marginally minimized.


photo 2 (14)


Alas, Queen J’s merriment did not last long. The bibs started to pile up and she had to buy more….and more…to keep up….

She bought even prettier, even more fashionable ones…


photo 1 (15)


Ultimately though, as Zoe started to eat solids, she asked the King to pick up several generic, multi- pack, plastic- backed bibs.


photo 5 (7)


A couple of months passed, and on one of her usual shopping trips at the kingdom’s baby shop; Queen J spotted this…


Mommy friends in the UK were raving about this, glad to have found it in Qatar!


She has heard about them form her friends in fair lands far off. She bought one home.

And boy oh boy was it a wise decision! No more throwing bibs into the laundry. A quick rinse under the tap and they are ready to go.


photo 3 (8)


Great for travel. Can be folded up as well.


photo (49)


The pouch in front picks up any crumbs/ bits/ morsels that the little mouth and hand’s miss.


photo 4 (8)


A definite hit at the H palace!

The Princess loves them and Queen J is allayed . And with both his ladies happy, the King is one happy chappy.

Till the next tale…

Dr J.



What is it?

The Tommee Tippee Explora Roll n Go Bib.

From the official website-

Take the mess and stress out of mealtimes with our Explora Roll n Go bib. Our Roll n Go Bib has it all – a special crumb catcher to collect spills, a colourful wipe-clean finish and the ability to roll up neatly for easy storage. Quite possibly the only weaning bib you’ll ever need.


  • Crumb catcher collects crumbs and mess
  • Rolls up – great for storage and travel
  • Soft, light and easy to wipe clean 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for babies 6 months +
  • BPA-free

Where to buy?

Have seen it at most Babyshops (Centerpoint) and at Mamas and Papas.

How much?

27 QAR.


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