The end of the world…


The end is near lads.

Life seems rudderless.

Oh Lord, how am I to survive!

I’m lost and lonely.

Friends faraway, hope ye’ all doing good.

Mum, hope breakfast was good,

And hope Dad didn’t throw a fit.

My other Mum, hope things have quietened down,

Hope Kerala is not in chaos anymore.

Wonder how the crazies of the world are doing?

Wonder how many more they killed.

Wonder how much more ice- water has been spilled.

Wonder who has gone viral and what bacteria threatens an epidemic.


The end is near lads….

The end of the world.

Of mine.

Or so it seems.


No GPRS/ 3G/ 4G either.

I’m disconnected lads.




Skypeless. Faebookless. Twitterless. Newsless.Gmailless. Instagramless.




The end is near lads.

Two working days I’m told!


Two days of peace and quiet…

Of being isolated.

Of watching hard- disked movies…

Of having a converation with no “virtual” distractions…

Cuddling with a sleeping baby,

With no iPad intervening!

Of switching off.

Of living.

A real life, albeit “un-connected”.


The end is near…

It will soon be back up.

No internet lads…

So, how am I posting this….

You ask?


You don’t want to know…

You really don’t!


The end is near….


Till Mr Internet returns…

I pine for thee, my love.

Please come home soon….


Dr J.

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