Of musical fountain induced introspection…


Have been meaning to write about the “Qatar Summer Festival” that has been on for a while now (since August 4). Had plans of visiting all the designated places, clicking pictures and sharing it with all my friends back home. It is due to culminate at the end of this month and I am yet to click a picture!

The “festival” sounds more spectacular than it actually is. Musical fountains at Corniche, activities such as ski sloping and rock- climbing at Doha Exhibition Center, outdoor adventures at Al Khor and  raffle draws, shows and activities at several malls- the line up seems exciting. But there is a definite lack of interest among the residents. School has started, vacations are over, summer has peaked…. maybe people are not in the “fun- mode” yet. Maybe, such a festival would have been better off during the winter months.

We have been heading to Corniche almost three or four times a week- and yesterday was the first time we caught a show of the musical fountains. Wonder how that came about, especially considering they run every half hour or so from 6 pm onwards! Anyways, better late than never!

We were there for the last show of the day/ night- the 11 pm one (12 am is the last one during weekends). Honestly, it is not the greatest or most impressive fountain/ musical fountain I have seen. But sometimes it doesn’t have to be. The timing, the company, the waterfront, the backdrop, the Doha skyline, the muggy weather, the sweat-lined faces, the music- all combined made it an eerily special 8 minutes. I stood there, right at the edge, hugging the barricade almost, drenched in sweat and hip- carrying my little one with Mr. H right beside us. All three of us seemed to have our faces slightly upturned- to catch the spraying mist. Silent. Each of us in our own heads, thinking obscure thoughts unbeknown to the other. Zoe seemed to be licking the salty spray as she did so!

As the music ebbed and rose, so did the water- stream …and my spirits. There is something magical about water. It calms you. Put things into perspective. I watched the coloured jets of water shooting into the sky and wondered about the future. It’s been a year since I moved here, and just when it starts to feel homey the hands of fate are jerking me away to another place. As the music slowed, the jets of water troughed and I contemplated living life split between two cities which are thousands of miles apart. Being being away from my “rock”, again. Or separating the little one from the man she loves the most.

The moment seemed so clear, so percipient. I frantically scoured my head and the surrounding universe for answers, lest the moment pass. Lest the clarity and lucidity pass when the fountains stop their dance. As the frenzy in my head gained momentum, the music reached it’s crescendo. The answers I searched for seemed to be in grasp. A fingertip away. As the water soared into the air, I almost had it. Just at that moment, happiness arrived. Not the dull, achy, vague kind but the sensational, bright, blissful kind. The kind that doesn’t last for more than a few moments. It blurred all. The worry, the anxiety, the quest for validation for my decisions…. I let it wash over me. And as the water fell and the music stopped, I was left in it’s warm, tingly aftermath. I stood there, right at the edge, hugging the barricade almost, drenched in sweat and hip- carrying my little one with Mr. H right beside us. Mr H had to tap me on the shoulder to break the reverie.

We returned home well past midnight and quickly retired to bed. The little one was in dream land by then. I decided to stop worrying. If only for a night. Life after all is about these teeny- tiny moments of calm and bliss that is stolen amidst hours of worry, frantic- ness and mundanity. Is is not?

When did you last experience your moment of unbridled joy and contentment?

Till next time….

Dr J.


6 thoughts on “Of musical fountain induced introspection…

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  1. Yup the fountain has added to the beauty of Doha Coniche, and yes as you said the fountain is not that great if you compare with the fountain in Dubai n other places but the atmosphere that it creates with the waves pampering you ears and the slow music make you feel relaxed and admire the beauty.

    I don’t remember to have exeperience the moment of unbridled joy and contentment as yet . Will hope to get it Soon 🙂

    1. Sorry Mr Ali, My internet woes continue….hence the delay!

      Hope you have your “moment” soon!

      Have a lovely weekend!

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