How to make a Surgeon?

Ingredients 1 slightly demented, partially egotistical, aspiring, alpha human 3-4 fully demented, megalomaniacal, brilliant surgeons/ consultants/ mentors 826 surgical tomes (assorted) Any number of ailing, broken, hapless patients (number required depends on finesse desired) 13458 surgical instruments- scalpels, drills, bone- saws, retractors, elevators, chisels, mallets…. 3943874 litres of Betadine 191878 litres of surgical spirit 456667... Continue Reading →

Lust List! To drive away the blues.

The post- holiday blues refuse to loosen their stifling claws. How does J usually tackle such a tribulation?1. Run till her legs give way. The sweet pain of the post- run soreness ( the next day) masks all ills of the mind.2. Read till the mind is littered with the author’s words. The words bring... Continue Reading →

Recap Thursday- Synthesizing Happiness?

This past week has been so boringly mundane that it would be a waste to dedicate an entire blog post to it. Nothing dramatic or spectacular came about. All the holiday excitement sort of fizzled out and normality took over with gusto. Ramadan already seems like a distant memory. But life- changes are in store.... Continue Reading →

Who cooks? The Wife? The Husband?

In the era of ever- blurring gender based marital- role demarcations, it does sometimes get difficult to adjudicate who does the cooking. Who is the master of the kitchen? Who dons the mantle of the chief bread- maker? Who puts grub on the table; day after day after day. And nights too!   There are three... Continue Reading →

THE first half- marathon : Thought thread.

Starting line Wow, so many turned up… As if that chudidar and adidas auntie will finish! Buhahahha… Am I looking good…. Do I look "pro" enough…. Oh oh! Is that fool there checking me out…. Oooooh…. My playlist… Yeah okay… Thank God music is allowed for this one… Seesh …. They have started….. 1 km... Continue Reading →

Tales from The Operating Room- 10 lies in medical dramas that make us look cooler than we are..

Medical dramas have more often than not been immensely popular on TV. The intense life and death stories, Adonis like surgeons, uber- competitive super- attractive residents, wacky patients, natural disasters, passionate hospital romances, the never- ending drama; keeps the viewers hooked week after week. And propagates a ton of lies and half- truths! They present... Continue Reading →

Dr J and The Wayfarer

Morning folks! When you folks purchase, covet or wish for something- what dictates the desire? Is it pure aesthetics? Or exclusivity? Flashy exuberance maybe? Craftsmanship possibly…. A desire to stick with the herd? Or to show- off your class and breeding… Peer acceptance…. Unconsciously, so many of these factors influence our decision when it comes... Continue Reading →

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