Things Mums Do…

New mums do crazy, weird, inexplicable things that make absolutely no sense to non- mums and men.  Here are some examples:-1.The mommy- sleep. Irrespective of how “heavy”/ deep a sleeper they were prior to being a mum, they suddenly turn into feather- light sleepers. The slightest stir, the minutest cry, can get her from pseudo-mommy... Continue Reading →

My running compadre.

The day I really want to run, I can run barefoot. Up a hill. In a saree.With my hair untied. With no caps or sunglasses or sunscreen. The day I really want to run, I can run in 5 inch stilettoes with no platform. On a cobblestoned pathway….The day I really want to run, I... Continue Reading →

17 Questions.

Have you ever run beside a moving bus or train? Trying to hop on…. It moves at a speed that makes you think that you might actually be able to get on, but you don’t….If it moved any faster, you’d have to give up. But it does not.You chase on....It teases you.Taunts you.Mocks your inability to... Continue Reading →

A letter to my bride-to-be bestie.

A dear friend of mine is getting married. And as she recounts tales of her last minute wedding shopping woes, I reminisce back to my own  pre- wedding topsy- turvydom. An Indian wedding is invariably an elaborate, extravagant, rackety, drawn- out affair. It can protract from as little as a week to a month or... Continue Reading →

My method to blogging.

Almost two months now, since this capricious exercise commenced. Many ask how and when I do it.Today, I am in no mood to ramble. Therefore, it shall be a brief post. Here goes…Why?Because I wish so! I started on a whim, and will most likely end as such. Let us just have fun as long... Continue Reading →

Nothing is coming! And 50th Post!!

Like Russell Peters says … “Nothing! Nothing is coming son…. Nothing…..”I’m going to make a stark and honest admission here. I have nothing  to post today.  I’m barely afloat. My plate is so full that I can barely hold it up, let alone eat from it! Like always, there are words galore swimming in my... Continue Reading →

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