The Shameless Consumerist.



Mr H calls J a shameless consumerist. The type that advertisers love and capitalistic economies thrive upon. The type that drives minimalistic, sustenance- only, under- the-top individuals like him nuts!

J has always vehemently and vociferously denied the accusation, of course. She believes she only buys what she ABSOLUTELY NEEDS. Nothing more, nothing less.

Why would they manufacture all those things otherwise? If no one needed the things, or did not buy them; wouldn’t the companies go bust?

The problem here is complex, folks. Both Mr H and Dr J truly believe in their economic theories. One vouches for reductivism in life, while the other ardently believes in pampering and rewarding oneself for their everyday drudgery. A necessity for Dr J is an indulgence for MR H.

 Aah! The balance of the universe. The heavens have chosen this pair wisely. Their balance and opposition in beliefs and behaviours keeps them glued and yet drive them crazy!

Yin and Yang.  The Yin being materialistic, impulsive and intense, the Yang being calm, practical and forethoughtful. The Yin with the credit cards and the Yang with the shopping cart.





It would be perfect, if only Dr J was just like “another girl”. If only she craved clothes, shoes, make-up, bags and the like….

She does.


But she also loves quirky gadgets, cool technology, the latest gizmos, the trending contraptions….

She’s abreast of all that is hot on the techie market. And is constantly pointing at stuff in store aisles while hopping from toe to toe and making her all-too-famous “puppy- face”.

Mr H falls for it every single time…..

If only matters ended there…

What of the books?

The endless, ceaseless, interminable greed for books. The racks are gravid and the cartons are full, but the books keep coming. Mr H dreads the words…” Honey, there’s this book it seems…”. Aah, he knows what the statement entails. A trip to the bookstore.

And he is well aware of the consequence of that…..

And pray, tell me folks….

Which ADULT in their right mind goes gaga over stationary? Really…who does? J does. Don’t tell her I mentioned it though. It’s her embarrassing little secret.

So, that’s another way for the family finances to be siphoned off…

And the home appliances?

The quadruple door matte- metallic, extra-freezer space, cold water dispensing fridge?

The top-shelf Nespresso machine?

The curved, ultra HD, LED TV?

The double- decker oven with grill and broiler function, cum stove with eight burners? The fancy, uber-tech food processor? The blender?

And who wouldn’t want the chic bed linen? The ultra- cushiony couch and the to-melt-into mattress. The cool-as-hell curtains? The whispy, light pillows.

Every half-decent home- maker would want that!!

The fancy china, colour-coordinated and themed pots and pans. The 450 piece dinner set and the exotic table-ware…

The basics my friend, the basics!

And please, don’t ever ask Dr J to scrimp on food.  It blasphemous to her. Food is her one true love (along with books and shoes!) ……..

Dare you stop her from indulging in some quality grub!

The list continues…

Cars, home, vacations…….

It is a disease my friends. An addiction. An affliction with no cure. The more you get, the more you want.

The bucket lists never taper. The wish list never terminates. The desires never cease.  They only recycle and re-form. Old ones once fulfilled give way to new ones…..

That is how a consumerist rolls… Dough is their drug and the smell of “new” is their high.  No one but them shall understand this high. It is self- perpetuating. An exercise in self- indulgence.

It is harmless in moderation, and can give great joy if practiced within bounds.

It can also be destructive, debt inviting and ultimately catastrophic to the family finances. The rule of the game is to always cut your coat according to your cloth. With lesser cloth in fact. 

There is a fine line between a joyous consumer and a miserable debtor. And not crossing it, is an art folks.

One that J seems to have mastered!

Shop responsibly folks!

Till the next purchase…..

Dr J.


Disclaimer-  The above post includes disproportionate exaggeration of people and events for the benefit of creative purposes and reader enjoyment. 

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