My running compadre.

The day I really want to run, I can run barefoot. Up a hill. In a saree.

With my hair untied. With no caps or sunglasses or sunscreen.

The day I really want to run, I can run in 5 inch stilettoes with no platform.

On a cobblestoned pathway….

The day I really want to run, I can run on an empty stomach.

 While fasting during Ramadhan….

The day I really want to run, I can run in pouring rain. Or sizzling heat.

Or in the stifling humid, sea breeze… sweating a gallon a minute.

I can run with and without anything. And everything……



It is my one vice. One weakness. My failing. My strength.

Music eggs me on. Pushes me faster and farther.

It lifts my sprits. Makes achy muscles sing and stretch.

Makes a heavy, huffing, hard- working heart light.

Help my lungs expand and fill…with air. With joy.

My earbuds become my lifeline. My music my drug.

It wills time to stop boring me. Bothering me.

It distracts my mind as it counts the treads.

Beats the voice, asking me to stop and rest. To give up. Give in…

It binds the quitter in me.

The day I really want to run, nothing can stop me….

Except, my music.

By not being there!



Forgive the tacky verses. But seriously, I have a problem. I cannot seem to run without my music. I go berserk if my iPod has no charge. Or if my earbuds go missing.

I need my music so bad that on days that my nifty iPod nano is on leave, I don’t mind lugging around a heavy android device just for some beaty- beats!


I do enjoy listening to the birds chirp while I am on a 5 am jog. Or feel the lull and shush of the gentle ocean breeze. Or pay attention to the pounding of my own heart in my chest and my feet on the track. I honestly do. For about 5 minutes. I then need my music.

I am like an addict. Aimless, lost and irritable without it. A good playlist can be the difference between a great run and a mediocre one.

I wish I could beat the habit. Several marathons do not allow listening to music while participating. Serious runners scoff at earphone- fitted runners…look upon them as rank amateurs.

They say that the key to beating an addiction is to first admit you have a problem. And then honestly be willing to change.

I may admit to having a problem, but I am not sure I want to change….

After all, it’s a habit of over a decade now!

My shoes, my favourite pair of tracks, or my sunnies; I can do without all of them. But I for the moment, cannot run without my music. My running compadre!

What is your one absolute necessity while running/ exercising/ working- out?

Come on folks, admit your vulnerabilities. Don’t be shy! Come on….

Till the next run….

Dr J.

6 thoughts on “My running compadre.

Add yours

  1. I like to listen music while cooking in kitchen .. I am addicted to it.. Probably that may be the secret of the taste..

  2. Hahaha. I have the same addiction to music, but for when I am operating. As soon as I get grumpy, the nurses would scour the whole theatre complex for speakers and music to calm me down!! 😀
    But I love listening to my iPhone when I exercise, I have a running playlist, walking playlist, pump playlist, cycling playlist, ski playlist… You get the picture. When they start making these babies waterproof, I will have a swimming playlist too.

    1. Perfect!
      So I ain’t alone….
      As far as music in the theatre….Am still a nouveau surgeon, at the mercy of consultants and their playlists…
      But I can wait….till the day when I play what I like….my day too shall come….soon!

  3. Yep music is the food for a soothing soul. For me its a bit different coz all iam tied up to is Ghulam Ali ….and when iam listening to him i just dint want to move .leave alone running . I could stay in a locked room for days just listening to him . well the destination is to ENJOY music what ever form appeals you ..just go out there and Enjoy it ..!!! keep listening !

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