17 Questions.

Have you ever run beside a moving bus or train? Trying to hop on….

 It moves at a speed that makes you think that you might actually be able to get on, but you don’t….

If it moved any faster, you’d have to give up. But it does not.

You chase on….

It teases you.

Taunts you.

Mocks your inability to master it; overcome it.

It frustrates your spirit and tires your soul.

It riles you mind and jades your body.

This is life at the moment.

Constantly chasing after things.

Deadlines. Lost time. Lost sleep. Lost rest.  

Unattainable dreams.

Unchallengeable destinies.

Days and nights blur into weeks.

Tasks remain undone, chores pending, work incomplete.

Achieve the bare minimum everyday, and hang on.

Hang on, hoping tomorrow will be a better day.

Almost three decades into this existence and still in search of life’s purpose.

Is this pre-mid life crisis?

A lot of you folks are in your twenties, most in your late twenties. Have you all settled in? Into life, I mean.

Have you found you calling? Your purpose?

Are you at peace with yourself? Or is there constant turmoil?

Do you feel time’s a- wastin’?

Is this sleep- deprivation talking? Or is there a real problem?

Can one sleep it off?

Can one want “too much”?

How much is too much?

What sort of ailment of the mind is this? This constant sense of dissatisfaction and discontent….

Is destiny trying to knock sense into our head? Or is she just mocking us?

Are any of you lovely folks suffering similarly?

Has the nerd spoken too much?

Till the next fustian….

Ms D & G (Doom & Gloom)

6 thoughts on “17 Questions.

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    1. Ha Ha! I hope it is not a surgeon thing. We are barely getting started while our non-medical friends seem to be at their prime during their prime years!
      We keep scraping by….

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