Lil Z’s guide to Beaches in Qatar! Episode 2 – Twilight rendezvous at Al Wakra Family Beach.

Morning lovely people!

We go on yet another “beachy” adventure….


Since my last post, Mama and Papa have been keeping very busy. We hardly have time to go out. But last week, we suddenly decided to take a trip to the family beach at Wakra. We were to meet some friends. Colleagues of Papa and their families. Lil kiddies just like me!

It is fairly close to Doha city…

wakra beach map wakra beach earth

Mama and Papa seemed to have learnt their lesson (thanks to our last trip!). We wanted to escape the heat as much as possible, so we left our home only in the evening. It was a short drive. There was hardly any traffic.

My view as we drive by….

_DSC0026 _DSC0034

Papa’s view….


It was almost sunset, when we reached the place.

_DSC0064 _DSC0047






_DSC0062Unlike last time, there were so many people there. Lots of cars…And dust…And sand…



Do not worry, no tickets to enter!


Cars and more cars!



There is a security guard at the entrance, he only allows the “families” inside I’m told.

And lots of children frolicking in the water, in the play area, on the sand….



The air smelled of the sea, smoke and barbecues! Everyone seemed to have a grill and a sheesha on hand. All the kiddies had their floaties, buckets and shovels. Few of them were burying each other in the sand.

Z cant wait to get older and play ….




One and a half more to go!

We did not carry any food with us, as it was an impulsive trip. So we just watched others eat and have fun…


After a while, the humidity (I think that is word for the damp heat that makes me sticky!) started getting to me, and I decided to cry and let Mama and Papa know.

As we sat under the sun and the moon, the damp sea breeze calmed me down and lulled me to sleep.

_DSC0112We were home in a jiffy. I was in a cranky mood. So off to bed I went….

Till the next beach….


Lil Z.

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