My method to blogging.


Almost two months now, since this capricious exercise commenced. Many ask how and when I do it.

Today, I am in no mood to ramble. Therefore, it shall be a brief post. Here goes…


Because I wish so! I started on a whim, and will most likely end as such. Let us just have fun as long as it lasts, shall we? I make no promises….


Mostly on my old, trusty HP lappy. Poor guy is senesced and rickety, but he is yet to fail me. I refuse to replace him, until he breathes his last. He wheezes quite a bit and has the occasional stridor. But is healthy otherwise.

Oh yeah! He is also constantly running a temperature. Mr H (the proverbial, in- house electrical/ electronic/ technology expert ) thinks he may die any moment…

I think, NOT.

I think he is a survivor. He has seen me through some truly horrid times, and I shall not abandon him at his trying hour!

Argh! I digress and wander off topic, again!

Yes…. How I blog…

To ease Mr HP’s burden, I use my well- loved but démodé wireless keyboard and mouse. Old fashioned I know, kill me.


Entirely dictated by my now, supreme and unchallenged master- Lil Z. On the couch, bed, floor, next to her walker/ play mat….dining table…. floor….


Conjuring up a general theme for the upcoming post happens during the night-time brushing/ cleaning rituals. Next step is to somehow get Lil Z to sleep! This is by far the hardest part of the whole blogging process.

At roughly 1:00 am I whip my lappy open and machinate a rough plot for the post. An “almost- ready”  draft is generally prepared by around 2 am. Then Lil Z wakes up for her night-time snack. After that is dealt with, we both hit the sack.

The proof- reading, correcting, editing, chopping and changing is usually done at around 6 am. That is when a well- hated alarm knells its irritating bell. I open Mr HP’s monitor with scarcely open eyes and complete the post before starting the day.

Then the morning routine commences. I usually upload the post at around 9 am local time (GMT/UTC + 03:00 hour). Weekends, may be later. Duh! I sleep in, while Mr H and Lil Z chill outside.

Even Superwoman takes a morning off, I’m sure!

Till the next post…

Dr J.

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  1. Hey Jazna…jus to tel u a hi… This was the 1st post that I read completely… wel… nice… but this comment is jus to tel u hi.. Take care😊

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