Nothing is coming! And 50th Post!!


Like Russell Peters says … “Nothing! Nothing is coming son…. Nothing…..”

I’m going to make a stark and honest admission here. I have nothing  to post today.  I’m barely afloat. My plate is so full that I can barely hold it up, let alone eat from it! Like always, there are words galore swimming in my head, but they lack coherence. There is no theme, no pattern. Must be all the fatigue and sleep- deprivation. I have nothing. Nothing is coming! Nothing….nothing!

 It’s Grubbie Tuesday, hence a post on food/ recipes/ cooking or it’s ilk is due. But I have nothing. I did not cook any elaborate meals last week. So, nothing post-worthy there. It was basic sustenance all the way.

I cannot post any recipes, as I have no photographs to share.

Every day is a blur. This blog was meant to be an escape. Some “me” time. So here I am, sacrificing precious sleep to blog that I have nothing to blog! Way to go J!

Today, incidentally marks my 50th blog post. Not bad, for someone who is known to be fickle and commitment- resistant. Things will start to slow down a bit now. Quality over quantity. No more stressing over posting every day. Instead will try and post better, more read-worthy content. No fillers, if I can help it.

It’s feedback time again…..

What to talk about on the next edition of Grubbie- Tuesday?

1-Share the epic, Mum+ other Mum+  J+  internet+  trial & error mallu-hyderabadi biryani recipe???


2 – Start the “How not to” series?

There are so many fantastic sites and books that feature tried and tested variations of all the classic recipes. Instead of embarrassing myself by posting recipes when I am such a novice myself, I shall recount my kitchen disasters/ fails/ accidents/ incidents and so that future- kitchen enthusiasts shall receive fair warning and caution! DO NOT DO WHAT J DID!

Which shall it be??

Please do let me know in the comment section below…

It’s easy to comment folks- Just your comment and a name…I even give you the liberty to choose whatever name you please….Darth Vader, Severus Snape, Gollum, Pamela, Obama….or even your real name! Your wish….

Till next time…

Dr J.

P.S.  Just for laughs! Nothing is coming….!

4 thoughts on “Nothing is coming! And 50th Post!!

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  1. definitely the how not to!!

    am never gonna try any epic matter how epic it is!! so lets find out more of what not to try!

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