I love to exercise but now……the fitness “industry” is killing me!

Fitness commercialized?


I feel the burn alright! From the media that is….

Do not misunderstand. I love to run. I aspire to be fit and healthy. As fit as I can possibly manage to be whilst juggling home, career, motherhood, wifely duties, creative pursuits, reading …

I am not one to judge if someone does not like/wish to exercise. Their bodies. Their choice.  And I do understand that even though a moderate amount of exercise does help us health-wise, it guarantees nothing when it comes to illness and mortality.

There are instances of super- fit people dying of sudden and completely unexpected cardiac arrest. Runners and weight lifters routinely suffer from minor niggles, aches and pains. Super- fit people can suffer from eating- disorders and have psychological problems. Extreme avocation to fitness and exercise may even be a manifestation of underlying mental ills, troubles, insecurities.  So, don’t ever tell me that only “fit” people are happy and healthy.


Fitness pursuits are never- ending. You want to be leaner. You want to run faster. Or longer. You want more bulk. More definition. You will always have problem areas. Your friends and family might find it insane- but you are never satisfied. This is the downside….

Sadly, the fitness –frenzy is going a bit overboard these days. The crazy diets, pointless starvation, over- exertion….


The ad nauseam before- and-after photos…

If he can do that? Am I doing enough? Courtesy- http://www.burnthefat.com

The hyper- ripped inhuman body portrayals…

This is bloody darned hard to achieve ..and HARDER to maintain! Courtesy- Pinterest

The stick-figured, reed-thin runway models

It’s her job to look like that! fashion.lilithezine.com

The “ultra”, ultra- marathon runners…

Work- out obsessed celebrities with their millionaire trainers…

Gunnar Peterson-celebrity trainer. Wonder how much he makes…

The mental work-out schedules ….

The super- exclusive, mindlessly expensive gym memberships…

The uber- technological clothes and work-out gear…

The plethora of accessories….

All this-

Makes the average-fitness- Jane (or Joe) feel inept and their work- outs inadequate!

Who is to blame for this media blitz?

Sporting- goods companies?

Fitness websites?

Fitness writers?

Greedy trainers?

New- age, hardly qualified YouTube gurus?

The so called “fitness” industry?

Why do things take a turn for the worse, once an “industry” is involved?

Ugh… Whoever they are……They have sucked the fun out of exercise. A simple walk in the park, a run on the beach, biking in the mountains, a few weights in the neighbourhood gym, a football game in the rain, dancing because you love to; they exist no more!

It is all about using the best equipment, hiring the most popular trainer, wearing fancy gear, pricey shoes……

Let us bring back the fun, please! Keep things simple. Keep it real. Remain fit, but LIVE life. The entire world can aspire to be fit, but cannot make it their life’s purpose. We have families to love and homes to run.

Let us not be guilt ridden and feel inadequate, thanks to the media shoving unrealistic or very hard to achieve/ time- consuming endeavours into our eager heads.

Let us get better, faster, stronger, and healthier each day, but on our own terms. Let us not beat ourselves up for missing a run, or skipping the gym one day.

Let us bring back the fun, please!

Let us bring back the fun, please! http://www.neuspine.com

Till the next run…

Dr J.

4 thoughts on “I love to exercise but now……the fitness “industry” is killing me!

Add yours

    1. Ha Ha…True! This is how “they” do it. First introduce a concept, then bombard you with imagery of it. Make it “cool”. Make you wish for it, then sell equipment/ways/means to achieve it. Obviously you “have” to have it….So you pay for it…Something that is totally unnecessary and did not exist a generation ago!
      Damn them all. I say!

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