Lust List! To drive away the blues.

The post- holiday blues refuse to loosen their stifling claws. How does J usually tackle such a tribulation?
1. Run till her legs give way. The sweet pain of the post- run soreness ( the next day) masks all ills of the mind.
2. Read till the mind is littered with the author’s words. The words bring with it all of the writer’s quandaries and perplexities, leaving no room for J’s own.
3. Retail therapy. Shop till she drops!

Today, she decides to indulge in some virtual retail therapy. She envisions a limitless debit card which she can use for a day. What would she purchase?

Here is J ‘s current lust list. Please bear in mind that this list is constantly evolving and mutating. It is subject to often and abrubt changes. Also, since this is an imaginary enterprise, it’s a no holds barred one!

*Note- Price alone do not dictate these purchases.

The Aston Martin Vanquish.


Every girl needs a ride to call her own. J fancies this. Preferably the limited production Centenary Edition. Not very “mommy friendly” though! Where would Lil Z’s car seat go?

The Storksak Elizabeth Changing (Diaper) Bag in Brown Leather.


This is how a “professional” diaper bag should look.

The “LUNA”- Black Lace Platform Pumps from Jimmy Choo.


Picture is self-explanatory….

A Patek Philippe vintage dress manual wind watch.


Every woman worth her salt needs an antique statement watch! Sure…

A couple of First Editions

The Lord of the Rings, first editions in dust jackets. Image courtesy-
A leather bound, signed first edition box set! Image courtesy-

This is the bare minimum! This list is endless….

The Vibram Womens Biklia Evo – Blue/Green- medium distance minimalist running shoe.

71316 (1) 71316

Always wanted to try running with one of these. Sorry- A pair of these!

The Da Vinci Surgical Robot.


Well, just to have one in the living room. To play with…. Maybe practice on Mr H…

The Ultrasone Edition 10 Headphones.


Superior technology. Uber- luxe. Only 2010 made. Enough said.

Well, I guess J would run out of time by now. How much more can a woman buy in one day?

What’s on your lust list, folks?

Till next time….

Dr J.

Would love to hear from you folks! Do comment (email optional)

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