Nerdy Sunday! Richard Dawkins- The God Delusion.

 Book Review- "THE GOD DELUSION" by Richard Dawkins. Another Sunday, another book review. A book that is seemingly very relevant to today’s times…. There was a time when money was the root cause of all evil. It still is, probably. But ironically religion comes close to dethroning money from it’s “prime-evil” status. We live in... Continue Reading →

Malayali 101

  ALL MALAYALIS…… 1. Are those that originate from or are/were inhabitants of the southern Indian state of Kerala       2. Speak at least one-version of the multifaceted language- Malayalam   3. Hate it when you call them “Madrasi”   4. Are not “Malabaris” 5. Don’t have a funny, “zimbly” accent.   6.... Continue Reading →

Grubbie Tuesday- Here’s my meal plan..

Last week, I raved about meal plans. How it makes my life easier, more organised…… So, what does a typical meal plan look like in the J household these days (just prior to Ramadan of course) ? Saturday Dosa + Sambhar Left-over chicken biriyani Chappatis + Potato gravy Sunday Idlis + Chutney Vegetable sandwich Pasta... Continue Reading →

14 Runner’s Truths…

One day you agree to meet up with your super- trim, fitness- fanatic, runner friend. You park your car and wait outside the coffee shop. He hasn’t arrived yet. You twirl your car keys, and as you do so your gaze travels to your mid- section…. “Hmmm” you wonder … “Has my tummy grown since... Continue Reading →

Wishing for a ‘pensieve’….

Time- 12:25 AM Venue- Living room. H family residence. Doha, Qatar. External Environment- Cool (AC on), Television - News, Hot Chocolate, Laptop…. Sleeping baby and working husband next door…. Internal Environment- Pensive, Restless, Thoughtful…….. Frustrated….Content, almost Happy…. Anxious….. Thought I’d do a post on “where to buy all the ‘baby-stuff’ in Doha”….. In preparation….. Put... Continue Reading →

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