The week that was- Ramadan tapers off. Festivities commence.


I am a very fickle person, prone to mood swings and crazy behaviour.  Most weeks are a mix of happiness, restlessness, satisfaction and discontentment. The past week was unlike any I have had in a while. The usually muddy, stormy waters in my head are surprisingly clear and still. I know for sure this state will not last. But I intend to savour every bit of it for as long as it lasts.

Still waters at Corniche reminds me of my state of mind this week...
Still and clear waters at  the Corniche resembles  my state of mind this week…

I had made plans for the week, and they all fell in place. I did the things I wanted to, bought the things I needed, spoke to the people and made calls that were long pending, deep- cleaned my home, cooked healthy, homely “comfort” food and prepared myself to get back to WORK!

Ramadan this year has been a special one. For lots of reasons. And as the month draws to a close, I can already look back at some fond and cherished memories. We fasted and feasted (in moderation of course!). We prayed and we played (with Lil Z!). We gave and we acquired. It’s been a good month.

We also had a clean Ramadan in terms of food. Almost no fried food at all. And hardly any take- outs or eating out. We were never fast food junkies anyway. But working out and exercise have taken a back- seat. No worries. There are no pounds to lose anyway! And I intend to get back to it with gusto, after some Eid indulgence.

Living in the middle-east during Ramadan can be a unique experience. It can get hard for expats who are new to the culture and for those who do not fast.If you can get past the frustration of not getting decent food during the day, it can be quite an enjoyable time. Even if Ramadan is of no significance to you, you could still get into the spirit of things and try to have fun, albeit different from the usual shindigs.

One can leave the house at 11:30 pm and go shopping (like we did last night), enjoy the elaborate all-you-can-eat iftar buffets offered at most city restaurants, try new cuisines, utilize the shortened work hours to catch up on some rest, relaxation and family time; take a much needed vacation or even just roam the malls with your family well into the night.

Courtesy- Huffington Post

We stayed in most nights. Eid shopping seems to be in full swing at most malls and navigating the crowds can be tiring. Last night, we summed up some courage and energy and tried to get some shopping done. We barely lasted a couple of hours. The crowds were barmy. Headed home in no time. Moreover, we did not want to test Zoe’s patience by being out at at 1 am!

On a more sombre note, there is grim news abound across the globe. Disturbing images flood our newsfeeds, newspapers and tv screens. Makes me wonder, is it so hard to live without murder and killing and rape and massacre?

Breathe, eat, sleep, take care of bodily functions and nurture progeny- is it not tiring enough? Cook , clean, bathe, get a career going, keep family happy, visit friends/ family, shop, read- there are dozens of people who have given up these mundane life activities in lieu to kill and be killed. Blows my mind actually.

That said, lets get back to simpler, more pleasant affairs….

A recap of the past week:-

The sun sets on another week….
Despite the Ramadan craziness at home, we still manged to hit the Corniche and count planes…
Traditional yet healthy cuisine was the food trend for the week
photo (21)
Kick-started Eid- shopping!
photo (23)
Reads for Lil’ Z
photo (22)
And for Momma……..Finally can complete the Clifton Chronicles
grocery shopping
You will always find J roaming the grocery aisles.
slippers (1)
Most days were spent chillin’ at home
2013-11-08 10.33.53
Well…..Meet Mr H…

How did you lovely folks spend your week? Any super- fantastic plans for the weekend?

Till next time…

Have a cracker weekend!

Dr J.

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