Why skinny people find it hard to exercise…

skinny exercise

If you expected a funny post, sorry for disappointing you. It’s going to be a rant….a skinny rant!

Running is something I started almost a decade ago, and to this day – NO ONE IN MY FAMILY TAKES IT SERIOUSLY!

My Mum thinks I’m crazy to wake up every morning, stumble into my running clothes and wander off into the still dark dawn.

Mr H thinks it’s just one of those things….like my obsession with having a perfectly made bed or using coasters, something that is of no great importance (to him..), does not need to be changed and is harmless anyway.

My dad thinks its … well…he doesn’t think much of it all.

My brother? Not sure he even knows….

Our society still equates exercise with compulsive exertions prescribed for unfortunate souls who are overweight. It’s hard enough to skip an hour’s sleep every morning and head out for your run without your family telling you it’s of no consequence. Even friends sometimes mutter, you are already sooo skinny, why do you have to run? AAArgh….

If only they knew that my running has absolutely nothing to do with weight management. ….

If only they knew that clothes need not look stunning on someone just because they have a skinny frame….

If only they understood ‘skinny’ does not equate to ‘healthy’….

If only….

Someone who is overweight will have everyone behind them. Goading them, encouraging them, supporting them;helping with their diets, pushing them to hit the gym….

Sympathising with their condition… being polite and politically correct- calling them “healthy- looking” or “chubby” instead of “big” or “fat’….

While the “skninnys” are mocked and made fun of…(and secretly envied!) It is completely acceptable to call a thin person names! He garners no support in his quest for fitness…no appreciation for his hard-work…

This is the environment that a thin person lives in….

How conducive is it to exercise?

Not all skinny people starve themselves…

Not all skinny people are anorexic/ bulimic/ depressed/ beauty-obsessed/ controlling/ unpleasant…

If you are a “healthy” person, and trying to motivate yourself to get active…….huffing and puffing at your neighbourhood park….. Remember….. The “lucky”,sweat- laden, skinny person who just ran past you has a much harder time motivating herself…

And imagine a skinny person starts to exercise (for fitness/ health/ toning/weight-gain – see there are myriad valid reasons)….and the thing that they least want happens…..LOSE MORE WEIGHT! What then? Does he continue on the chosen healthy path or chose instead to utilise the precious hours devoted to exercise to lounge on the couch, or complete work assignments, finish house- chores….Why waste time in a counter- productive enterprise?

No one appreciates a skinny person’s physical endeavours… There is no discernible physical difference, no drastic weight loss, no going down in dress sizes….None of the hoopla that accompanies the weight loss in a “healthy” person…. The skinny person has to dig within himself for the requisite motivation to keep going….Makes things that much harder….

Therefore, folks kindly stop jokingly, mocking your skinny friend. He/ she does not enjoy it most likely. Or maybe they are immune by now.Either way, it’s not as funny as you think it is…

Also, never assume things are easier for someone else….despite appearances …one never knows…what battles rage within!

Till next time….

Dr J.


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    1. Thank you!

      I try to …all the time….But occasionally……once in a while, someone, something or a random, “meant to be jovial” comment does get on the nerves…. I smile, nod and then vent in my head….and on my blog!

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