9 reasons why women and men shouldn’t shop together….


Reason no.1-Its’ bad for the economy

No impressive statistics to quote here, but every woman reading this knows that she spends less when she is out with her man (the men may think otherwise….).

A shopping trip with the man is just a scouting mission. They look. They like. They probably try as well. But they don’t buy. Okay , they do buy- but not all that they want to buy. Some they come back for, later.

The next day, the next week…. They tell their man something vague like “meeting up with the girls” or “girls’ day out” ….head to the store…buy the stuff they mentally marked on the other day, and some new ones as well.

Imagine they went out shopping with “the guy” every time…. Good heavens! Women would hardly buy anything…. The poor retailer suffers, the corporation suffers, the profit margins go down, the share- holders are disheartened, the economy suffers….


Reason no.2 -Relationships go sour, marriages frost

Ever noticed how most couples argue about money, spending, incomes, your money….my money….

Do you really need another black shirt?

You don’t love me like before, you hardly get me gifts anymore……

Hmmmm…. Women can’t stop buying ….. men can’t stop complaining….

Resolution – Don’t shop together. Ladies- what he doesn’t know can’t really hurt him (or piss him off!)


Reason no.3- Women end up with stuff they don’t like- Wastage!

Scenario:- Woman wanders around looking for a particular, very specific garment. Picks up 10 random ones to try. Meanders to the trial room at a snail’s pace.

Man- I thought you wanted a grey, crew neck, three-fourth sleeved, long, tight- weave light knit top…..?

Woman- Yeah! But remember last month I was looking for a short, cotton, v-neck, short sleeved kurta…see…this is what I was talking about…and these straight cut jeans are soooo difficult to find…and that too in this shade of teal- purplish dark blue…and this skirt……..

Man- Okay, go on….please make it fast. I look like a doofus standing outside the dressing room with your humongous bag in hand…..What do you put in this bag of your’s anyway?

Woman tries each garment, asks man for opinion. Man hops from one foot to another, hastily and with not an iota of interest says “Ok good” to every single of item.

Woman buys stuff even if she is not sure of them thanks to man who is in a hurry and says everything looks good on her.

Woman goes home…never wears the stuff again!

Man holding clothes by a changing room

Reason no.4- Men also end up with stuff they don’t like- More Wastage!!

Woman and man shopping together leads to woman choosing items for the man.

Scenario:– Woman- Honey this lemon yellow will look fabulous on you, try it please!

Man- Umm, yeah…okay

Woman- Wow! It looks better than I thought it would, you really must buy it…and the fabric is so soft, pricey looking…. You know what ….why don’t you buy the white one as well…white is soo chic, sooo classic…never goes out of style….

Man- Umm, yeah….okay

Man buys both, wears neither….


Reason no.5- Men get to check out other women twirling in their dresses, for free!

Ladies- ever wondered how your man spends his time while waiting for you to step out the trial room….?

Every lady who enters the trial rooms comes out to model the clothes for their man……and to the half a dozen other waiting boyfriends/fiances/husbands…..

And dear men, do unto others as you would have them do unto you… all the men check out your woman as well!


Reason no. 6- Leads to road accidents and rash driving

Shopping trips can inevitably lead to arguments among couples. Leads to fighting in the car while driving home, hence the accidents.

rash driving

Reason no. 7- Children get lost, hurt….

Man and woman shopping together means the children have to tag along. Woman is zoned out as soon as she enters the mall, hence the man is left to fend for the children. Poor man tries hard for a while. Ultimately get mind- numbingly bored and incessantly harassed- gives up.

And unattended children are impending disasters…..


Reason no. 8- Hefty mobile bills…

Shopping with their woman is the best time for the man to chat with old buddies, catch up on the office gossip, check out Kim K’s latest pictures online…. All adding to the mobile company’s coffers.


Reason no. 9- Kills the romance.

All the walking, spending, arguing- the woman is tired, the man is pissed. Poor guy Romance just dies!

no romance


So ladies, leave your men at home and shop in peace. To your heart’s delight.

And men; stay home, chill, watch the game and let your woman run amok at the mall- it’s better for your peace of mind, sanity, marriage and love life!

Happy Shopping!

Till next time…


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