Doha Diaries- Getting a Resident Permit/Visa for your newborn

Step by step – How to obtain RP for your newborn (Indian Edition)

* Disclaimer-This post primarily applies to a child who is born in Qatar. All the information is to the best of our knowledge and is based on our experience and those of our friends.

Step 1:- Acquiring the birth certificate

Birth certificates are issued at the Women’s Hospital. The process takes a couple of hours at most. The submission procedure takes only a few minutes. A simple form needs to be filled (can be done in English). Apart from the original, extra copies can be requested for – an additional fee will be charged.

Documents to be submitted-

  1. Original passports of both parents  + copies
  2. Copies of RP/VISA pages of parents
  3. Vaccination card** + copy
  4. Notification of live birth**
  5. Copy of attested marriage certificate

**obtained from the hospital where the child was born

Fee- 40 QAR (original + 2 copies)


birth cert



birth notificationsource- (SCH website)


Step 2:- Obtaining the passport

Collect the required forms from the Indian Embassy. There are three forms to be filled (passport application, application to register birth and birth certificate application). If you don’t want the hassle of filling the form yourself, there are several “freelancers” outside the embassy who’d do it for you. All you need to do is give them the proper details and a nominal “fee” (20 QAR or thereabouts).

You would need three/four specified passport-size photographs of the baby. Also carry copies of the application forms.

Other documents:-

  1. Qatar birth certificate
  2. Copies of parents’ passports

You receive the passport (of course valid until the child turns five years of age) within a week or two.(Much easier than applying for it back home!) You also receive an Indian birth certificate and an acknowledgement of birth registration

Fees- Total approx. 360 QAR

  1. Passport- 184 QAR
  2. Birth certificate- 95 QAR
  3. Registration- 80 QAR

Step 3:- Stamping the RP/VISA

No forms to be filled here. Just submit the requisite documents and pay the visa fee at one the immigration service centres***

Documents needed-

  1. Child’s passport + copy
  2. Sponsor’s original ID
  3. Copy of Qatari birth certificate
  4. Copies of parent’s IDs and RP pages
  5. Copy of marriage certificate

Fee- 960 QAR (for three years) to be paid via debit card (cash not accepted).

You can stamp it for a year/ two years. The fee is accordingly lesser. Also, no ID cards are issued for children.

***List of service centres-


  • Best to visit Woman’s Hospital early in the day. (We submitted documents at 7:30 am, received birth certificate by 8:30 am)
  • The crowds at Indian Embassy can be intimidating, but pregnant women and infants are given priority service.
  • At the service centres, the women’s section is always less crowded, try to utilise it.
  • Try starting the process as soon as possible, leads to less worry!

Helpful links –


Supreme council of health –


So, there you go. The RP enigma de-mystified and simplified.

Hope this helps!

Do share your experience/ difficulties encountered (if any) during this process in the comment section below…

Till next time….


45 thoughts on “Doha Diaries- Getting a Resident Permit/Visa for your newborn

Add yours

  1. Is there any changes in rules now?
    House Contract and karama bill shshould be under the child’s sponsor’s is a must?

  2. i live here in qatar with my parents. my husband doesnt live here, i had a baby here. can my father sponser baby’s rp? i cannot because i have a little salary.

  3. Good day,
    I have a newborn baby last July 12, 2016 from hamad hospital women and my wife is under my husband sponsorship, i just want to know the procedure and requirements for getting resident permit for my little angel. I am waiting for the passport from our Embassy and after this I can apply for RP for our baby. Base on information ive red the documents needed are baby passport + copy,birth certificate,marriage certificate,iqama copy me and my wife and 960 Q.R.fees only.
    Am I correct about the info.or do i need letter from co. and bank statement again?
    Thank you!!!

  4. My baby born in Qatar no visa he is now 1 year
    I m leaving the country
    Anything else other then 10 riyal per day penality

  5. My baby born in Qatar tried for her visa but couldnt get the he is now 1
    I know I have to pay 10 riyal or day but is there any thing else?

  6. Hi everyone, now I am residing in qatar this Feb 26 my baby is 3 month I already applied for newborn visa but still pending because of bank statement. From my company I am receiving salary by cheque monthly so in my bank statement it’s not mentioned salary it’s shows clearing deposit, but they need salary credit, so now I don’t have any option? ? After three months how much is the penalty per day ? And how many months maximum allowed with out visa ?Me and my husband different sponsor? So please can u advise ? God bless. ……

  7. Dear Sir,
    Im residing in dubai and my wife is in qatar. We want to take a resident visa for our new born under my wife’s sponsorship. Qatar immigration dept asked to produce a new objection certificate from my side. So is it mandatory that it should be in arabic

  8. Hi doc, my wife delivered our first baby a week ago. We both are under different sponsors. Can the mother sponsor the baby ? Coz my salary is not at all closer to 10G,. I cannot sponsor for sure. Can you please advice if it’s possible for the mother [wife] to sponsor? Thanks for your time

  9. We both are working under same sponsor, but we are getting (including both) the salary just under QR 8000. Is there any salary issues for getting the visa for our newborn baby. Please reply me.

    1. I wish I could tell you for sure Tharun. So many expats share such varied stories, that is hard to comprehend what the authorities are looking for. But if I were you, being under different sponsorships and with the salary stated I would gird my loins and be prepared for all a lot of paperwork.

  10. Any idea what if the mother is under her father’s sponsorship? What are the papers required or do you know any one in such a predicament?

    1. As in … the mother of the baby being under “her father” i.e. the baby’s grandfather’s sponsorship?

      1. Oh! Well, I am assuming the baby will be under the father’s (your husband’s) sponsorship…

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but usually in the GCC countries, I thought fathers only
        sponsor unmarried daughters?

      2. Oh! Apologies then!

        “Once expats have found a sponsor, they are in turn allowed to sponsor their own family. For instance, fathers can sponsor their sons until they are 25 (if they are still students) and their daughters until they get married.”

        “A father can sponsor unmarried daughters up to any age and sons up until they are 25 years old. The following documents will be required in order to sponsor children:….”

        All this is so utterly confusing!

      3. I suppose that is when a father applies for the visa on his own behalf. Ours have been done by dad’s company since I was four 🙂

    1. I am not sure if there are any new requirements, but I do know that RP processing can sometimes get tricky for babies whose parents are under different sponsors.

      If you are under your husband’s sponsorship, then the above mentioned documents should suffice….

  11. If the visa gets approved in Gate No:3 in Garaffa immigration…What is the next process..Please explain

      1. Thank you doctor.. Hi merin is it normal to take that much time to grant visa? Did they ask any more documentation other than mentioned in this article?

  12. Dear Doc, yes bb born in qatar, from my side i have all the relevant documents, but my wife is unable to produce a personal account statement but she has pay account statement only which is not valid in immigration, any other ways that i can close this issue or if anyone could help me,

    1. If the baby is going to be under your sponsorship, the only documents needed from the mother’s side is the RP copy… Or are there any new rules that I’m not aware of… Or it could be because she is under the company sponsorship… can her company not help out?

      1. thnx for ur kind reply,immigration dept.. saying mother should be the sponsor for new born as per new rules,i am unable to sponsor wife too. so only way is to check out both of em out of country???

      2. Aah Okay… I guess it is so , since you both are under different sponsors. What confusion! Isn’t the company PRO of any help?

      3. I am sure there must be, but I have no idea how to get in touch with any. I wish I could help you, I really do. For us, it was a very straightforward application. Hardly produced any documents. I have heard of several such problems though… have you asked for help at Qatar Living? Just an idea… don’t know who else you can contact…

      4. Hi doc, can the mother sponsor the baby? Coz we both are under different sponsors. What is the grace period we get after the baby is born? Mine is only one week old. Please help., Antony

      5. Hello Antony.
        Yes. But it generally requires more paperwork is what I have heard. Of course, the issue of minimum salary requirements too may come into play.

        Yes. There is a grace period. I thought it was one month, but people tell me it’s three. You would have to confirm that from official sources, after that you will have to pay a per day fine..

  13. What is the Item 2, “Sponsor’s Original ID”? is it the company or the father who sponsored his family?… please clarify.

      1. hi dear jazna, could u plz advice the process to get visa for new born bb if the parents are from different sponsors.. i have already applied but its on hold now since my wife doesn’t have a bank statement, i went up to captain’s level but still no results, is there any other way to get any legal papers to legalize my babies stay here, i am in a terrific situation as i must leave on emergency vacation by 2nd dec, but i guess our visa is black listed since we couldn’t finish babies visa??? any help or advice u can render me

      2. Hey Raza,

        Really sorry to hear about your predicament.

        Were you asked to produce a bank statement? And was the baby born in Qatar?

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