It’s Thursday! Peek into the past week…

The advent of Ramadan brings a raft of changes to life here in Qatar. The pace slows, work hours change, days become less productive, the nights’ stirring…..

Ramadan is a time for abstinence, orisons, supplications and self- introspection….. It is also a time for increased “family-time”, special meals and traditional recipes…..A time to reassess … A kind of “new- year”…..

The rising temperature and the holy month meant the H family spent a mundanely uneventful week. Stayed at home, cherished the time as they spent their first Ramadan (in almost seven years) at “home” and as a “proper” family. Also,It’s lil Z’s first Ramadan folks!



Food-wise J kept it simple and traditional. “Chukku Kanzhi” (dried ginger, coconut and rice porridge), fruits, juices for iftar. Non-fried, humble meals for suhooor (pre-dawn meal).

photo (15)


photo (14)

J kept her shopping instincts in check……(All saved for the end of the month ;-)…Shhhh…don’t mention it to Mr H)……  Went looking for a “play gym/mat” for Z though.

Found the perfect one.

photo (10)

Also found there was a super sale at Mothercare, so ended up stocking on sleep-suits and onesies!

photo (9)

Lil Z also got her FIRST pair of jeans! Wohooo….

photo (16)

J hardly has time for books these days. Found barely enough time to for two this week.

photo (12)

Last night, J craved cupcakes after iftar. So the family took a trip to the mall (Villagio)…..


Who could that be????




In you face marketing!

Anyhoo, J ended up changing her mind (no surprise there!) and had a shoarma (or shawarma if you will) and a doughnut. The mall was packed, Ramadan did not seem to dampen the shopping spirit one bit!

The H family has no special weekend plans. Plan to just chill at home…..

What are your’s?

Z’s favourite BaBa……

photo (11)

And Z’s Mama’s treats for the weekend……

photo (17)


Till next time…..


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