How to get a Qatar RP/ Visa for your spouse? FAQS.

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Morning everyone. It has only been a day, and I already have to digress from our “schedule”. “Shopping Saturday” will have to wait a while. I have been inundated with questions regarding the “how to get an RP post”. Here are some of the FAQs.

Anybody else want to share their experience, you are welcome to. Also, post your questions so that someone who has already been through the drill can answer them.

  • Is there an official site where I can get all the information regarding the matter?
    We did try finding one. There is no checklist/ documents required put up anywhere online. We asked around and kind of made up our own list. I am guessing it would differ slightly depending on your nationality as well.For the forms and other details go here

  • How do I get my documents attested?
    Here I can only answer for my Indian friends.We used an “attestation service”. Not really sure how to do it otherwise. We needed seals from the MEA (ministry of external affairs), notary and the Qatar Embassy.The fee varies depending on the number of certificates. Also, if it’s an educational certificate (a degree certificate for example), it has to be attested by the HRD ministry as well. The service we used was quick and professional.We submitted the certificates with our passport copies and paid the fee at one of their offices in India. We were given a login ID and password to their site. We could track the progress of our documents. The whole process took less than 5 days.

    This is the company we used. They have branches in several Indian cities, the middle- east and even Australia I’m told.

  • Did you submit the originals?
    No. The letters form the company and the sponsor NOC were in original. Everything else (including the rental contract) were colour copies.
  • Did you submit your water and electricity (KAHRAMA) bill with the rental contract?
    Yes, we did.
  •  Did you fill the form in English or Arabic?
    We filled it in Arabic. You can take it any of the typing/ translation centers here and get it filled for a nominal fee.
  • Do you have to pay a fee during submission?
  • What do I need to carry to the medical commission? Timings?
    Just your passport and printed copy of visa. But we always kept copies of the sponsor’s (your spouse) passport and his Qatar ID on hand, just in case. Also, you need to carry a debit card to pay the 100 QAR fee. Last I checked, they don’t accept cash.Medical commission timings- 7 am to 7 pm. (Ramadan working hours may differ)
  • Medical commission test results? How do I know it is over?
    You would have given your mobile number at the medical commission. They will intimate you via sms. Also, you can check you status online.
  • What next?
    Once you clear your medical, there is another form for you to fill out. Can be downloaded from the MOI website. You will also need 3 passport size photographs (please check the form for specifications for photo background)
  • RP fee?
    Depends on how many years you want it for- one, two or three. We chose three (980 QAR). We paid the same amount for our daughter after she was born.

Any other questions? Comment below….

KIndly note– I do not claim to be an expert or an official spokesperson. All this information is to the best of my knowledge. Rules change everyday. So, please do cross-check. This is how we did things. I remember being frustrated because we could find any information online. That is the only reason I am doing this- to help fellow expats.

Until next time…


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  1. Hello Sir,

    Family visa is delayed . applied on 6th July 17. still under review. can u help me with possible reasons

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